I Signed Up…

Fitness was always a passion of mine. My mom owned gyms and it just came naturally. After college I wanted to compete in bodybuilding shows. I started training in my college gym and found a few people who competed to give me some pointers. I loved training and the feeling going into the gym with an intense purpose.

I wanted to get to a solid point in my physique before signing up for a show where I was lean and looking good. That makes sense right, why sign up if you are not going to be ready. What I found was I didn’t know what ready was. From week to week I would try on my suit hesitate and say not there yet. I was extremely nervous and definitely had times were I wanted to back out because I wasn’t where I thought I needed to be. It was a mental and physical battle! I knew if I didn’t sign up who knows when i’d be ready. I hardly ever wore bathing suits, didn’t like wearing heels and definitely wasn’t up for being on stage. That was so far out of my comfort zone but doing this was about the experience and pushing my own limits. Continuing to be athletic, competitive and just doing!

The point of this story is to sign up. Don’t let your fears, or doubts keep you from trying something. Keep your mindset locked on the experience and the process of trying something new. If we keep waiting we might never do it or never feel ready. I did not win or place but I pushed my myself harder than I ever had, walked on stage with no experience, and did something I will never regret. I am so glad I signed up.

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