Step Inside The Athlete Mind.


Read about the impact of anxiety, increasing mental performance and the importance of addressing mental health in athletes.

Performance anxiety in athletes.

Athlete Anxiety

Performance anxiety and it’s impact on an Athlete’s personal life and performance.

Mental performance in athletes.

Mental Performance

Tips, strategies and discussions on what makes a mentally tough athlete.

Athlete Care tips

Athlete Care Tips

Mental health topics, sport counseling, and the importance of addressing these things in athletes..

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Simone Biles: Nothing but Strength.


I am a lifelong athlete who specializes in the mind of the athlete. I help athletes with mental performance in the game and mental health outside of it.

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From mental blocks, and panic attacks to how to talk to your athlete about therapy.

College athlete's stress.

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College Athlete’s experience some of the most challenging transitions as competition, school and stress loads increase.

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